News: Another Selfie Drone on Kickstarter

Speaking of selfie drones, there was Zano, the palm-sized drone which had overwhelmed many across the globe, pledged a total of £2,335,119 on Kickstarter, and was once claimed to be the most successful crowd funding case to be found in the UK or even in Europe. In the end, the project was plunged into disarray as the CEO Ivan Reedman resigned. When Zano shipped out, its features were not matching those of which it promised. A failure.

Now, there’s a new selfie drone called AirSelfie appearing on the Kickstarter. Similar to Zano, it’s very small, and it can even become part of the smartphone case. The project is funded in just two days and has now pledged more than €300,000; almost 7 times its goal. Clearly, we can see there’s market for selfie drones, but will it end up like Zano? We will see when it comes out on March (promised ship out date).

Looking into the details of AirSelfie, the project stressed on its compatibility with the smartphone, thus the convenience. You can keep it in your smartphone case, and take pictures using your smartphone as the controller of the drone. You do not need to have experience in flying drones in order to get good selfies.


Let’s have a look at its specs:

– Aeronautical grade anodized aluminium case
– 4 Turbo fan propellers powered by 4 micro brushless motors
– 5MP HD video camera
– 4GB micro SD memory card
– 260mAh
– 52g 67.4*94.5*10.6mm
– Self-generated WiFi
– Vibration-absorber system
– In-flight stability systems


You can learn more about AirSelfie from the video:

If you are judging by just the specs, this drone may not be very attractive, but as a toy, it is quite interesting. If you are interested, check it out on the Kickstarter page!

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