Snapshot : Shooting the Supermoon with NightCap Pro and Telescope

As we have introduced in a previous article, the largest Supermoon of the century is here tonight! You will be witnessing a super large lunar disc shining brightly in the night sky.

You can even see the details of the landscape with a telescope.


So how about photographing it? Andrew Symes has taken tons of stunning night photography using an iPhone and NightCap Pro with his telescope, and he’s written about the equipment and the process he used.

Here are some of his pictures:


While the final image may not be as clear and sharp as those produced by DSLRs, you can see that smartphones can also take cool astrophotography, and you can start with the phone you’ve got in hand to practise before getting  camera and lenses. It can also be a useful alternative for experienced astronomers who wish to capture an image quickly with little equipment.

Andrew reccommended using the NightCap Pro app, which mimics the long exposures of DSLR cameras. You don’t need other equipments to help you dim the light of the star and the app saves you the work of stacking the photos!

If you have a telescope why not give it a go! Also, it would be nice if you have a smartphone adaptor to hold your device to your telescope to prevent shaking, thus gaining the clearest and sharpest results.


Learn more on Andrew’s site – CLICK HERE to check it out now!

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