The Best eReaders: Amazon Kindle vs. other tablets?

In recent years, book lovers are starting to turn from “real” books to eReaders for various reasons such as the concerns for cutting down too many trees. But which of these reading devices is better? Kindle from Amazon or other tablet PCs? Here’s a comparison for you!


When comparing the two, the weight and size, display screen and battery life are the three key differences. Here, we are using the Kindle Paperwhite as an example.

For weight and size, the Wi-Fi model Kindle weighs 205g, while the Wi-Fi and 3G model Kindle weighs 217g, and both models are 9.1mm thick; much lighter and thinner than most tablets.

For display screen, the Kindle e-readers are using a 6-inch high resolution (300 ppi) eInk screen, while general tablets are using IPS LCD screen that are much larger. Kindle’s unique eInk Carta technology allows the device to utilise 16 shades of gray to show you the image on the screen. It also has high brightness and contrast, a wide viewing angle, built-in front illumination and it uses very low power. Thus, you can read eBooks under direct sunlight. Moreover, it won’t easily cause eye-strain even for long hours of reading. However, some may feel that the Kindle display is slightly too small.

For battery life, the Kindle can last up to 6 weeks if you just read for 30 mins per day (or around 20 hours of continuous use); while general tablets can only last up to 8 hours of continuous use.


Other than the above three points, Kindle is great because it’s solely designed for reading purpose; you can concentrate on reading without being distracted by messages, emails…etc. like you may when using tablets. The built-in 4GB storage, though seems to be quite a small size when you are comparing it to your smartphone, is in fact good enough for storing over a thousand eBooks. You also have an unlimited free cloud storage for all of your Amazon content.

On the other hand, general tablets allow you to browse the internet, check and write email and do many more things. Watching movies, TV shows and YouTube videos on apps, playing games, making video calls, listening to music or audio books…etc. In addition, it has a larger screen, and it can handle large-size textbooks, magazines or PDF better than the Kindle. They’re also the better choice for reading color graphic novels, for the Kindle only shows the comics in grayscale.


In conclusion, if reading books is your primary reason for getting a new device, or you want to read under direct sunlight, then the Kindle would be the better option for you. It is thin, lightweight, and very easy on the eyes, thus wonderful for carrying around like pocket-size books. However, if you want a device that can do more than just reading, and you are the kind of person who won’t easily get distracted by those gaming features while you’re reading, getting a tablet would be the better option.


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