Air Volt – The Mobile Wireless Charger

Just when people are complaining about that they cannot charge their iPhone 7 while listening to music, many wireless chargers emerge; and the Air Volt on Indiegogo is one of them.

The project started 3 months ago on Indiegogo, but what is so special about this crowdfunding project? It is great because it’s supposed to allow you charging your phone just with a small plug-in; you do not have to leave your phone at the charging station/pad as long as you are not going too far away for the charger itself.

However, this project is closed by Indiegogo just after 5 person had backed for it. How come? Isn’t it a really wonderful invention that will give more flexibility and convenience to wireless charging, thus giving a step up for the technology?


We suspect that Indiegogo sees the Air Volt as a crowdfunding scam, but why?

First, we try to search for “Air Volt” on the Google Search Engine, and there are surprisingly quite a number of results that dated back as early as 2010. Yet, when our editor clicked into the link with the title “AirVolt Wireless iPhone Charger”, it shows a completely different item; it was a wireless charging pad. Using the same name of a product with similar technology, it surely makes this crowdfunding project look suspicious.

Next, we try to have a closer look at the GIFs provided by the company on the Indiegogo page. They show the phone is on charging mode when it has the plug-in, and then pans the camera to show that the charger is in the socket and the charging light is on. Note that they don’t really shows the point in which the phone starts charging when detected the plug-in; so it is possible that the plug-in is actually a mini portable power bank, and the charger is simply a lightbulb… A tit bit more suspicious.

Then, let’s think about how it actually works. Air Volt claims to have created a transmitter (the charger in the socket) that will create one-type radio waves and a plug-in antenna that converts radio waves to energy for the smartphone. But with the size of charger, how is it possible to charge a phone just an hour and a half slower than normal chargers? If it really can, then isn’t it dangerous if we stay close to the charger and that much of strong radio waves? Definitely suspicious!


To summarise the above points, this “new” project uses the name of another similar product, provides unclear and probably misleading videos, and gives only a really simplified theory on how their product works. These factors are likely some of the reasons why Indiegogo closed the crowdfunding.


Nevertheless, the idea of having a truly wireless and mobile charging system is really appealing. I hope that we can see similar product actually come to be in the future.



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