News : Introducing the GoPro Karma

Recently, GoPro has officially announced the release of their own drone, Karma.


The Karma Drone can go 35 mph (15 m/s) at its top speed, a maximum distance of 3280ft (1000m) and maximum flight altitude of 14,500′ (4,500m) with its maximum wind resistance at 22mph (10m/s). The battery allows the flying time of up to 20 minutes, so it is important for users to keep the time. It can be folded into its own lightweight Karma Case, so that you can bring along with you at ease when travelling.


The most worth-noting feature of this drone is the Karma Stabilizer that supports the HERO 4 (Black and Silver) and also the to be released HERO 5 (Black and Session). It can be removed  from the mount and installed on the Karma Grip, becoming a hand-held stabilizer. The Stabilizer can go up and down from -90° to 0° with 3 Axes. With the battery life of 1.75 hours, you can use the Grip while recharging your Drone, which takes only an hour.


Other than using the Karma Controller and the Stabilizer, you can also use GoPro Passenger App on your own devices to control your Karma Drone. It also allows your friends to view your flight and control your GoPro while you fly. It will be available on 23/10 and is compatible with device that has iOS 9® and later or Android® 5.0 and later installed.


Learn more about GoPro Karma at their official channel:

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