Battle : Which phone has the best camera? – iPhone 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7

It is often heard that iPhone gives the best pictures among all smartphones, and at the same time there are people saying it’s just the Apple fans blindly worshipping their expensive phones. So which phone actually performs the best in capturing images? Let’s test it out!




Galaxy S7 has a wider angle camera, so is a better choice for group selfies. It also gets better dynamic range; you can see the background is much better maintained than the exposed background of iPhone 7.


iPhone has always been having a warmer tone to its pictures, but in this case, it looks a bit too yellow. However, iPhone 7 has a higher mega-pixel (MP) sensor than Galaxy S7, you can see the details better when you zoom in to 100% when looking at the picture.


Winner: Samsung Galaxy S7


Indoor Low-light Selfie


iPhone’s camera captures more details in this case, for Galaxy S7’s camera has blurred the edges on the face despite the skin beautifying settings are turned off.


Now using the front flash, it’s clear the iPhone 7 is still much better than the Galaxy S7, with a brighter image and much clearer details.


Winner: iPhone 7


Outdoor Close-up


Both show clear crisp of view and nice shallow depth of view, and your personal colour preference will be what affects you on which phone to pick. If you opt for warmer tones and more saturated colouring, iPhone 7; if you like it slightly bluer and not as red, Galaxy S7.


Zoom-in 100%, the Galaxy S7 is slightly sharper if you look at the very center.


Winner: Samsung Galaxy S7


Outdoor Wide Shot


Both phones do well for outdoor images, with only slight colour difference. So we call this a draw.


Winner: –


Indoor in-room lighting

sstv8In this comparison, you can see that the colouring of both phones. Both pictures are kind of pigmented; iPhone of magenta, Galaxy S7 of yellow/green.


When turning off the lights, you see that Galaxy S7 is performing better with less noise grain and a brighter image.



Winner: Samsung Galaxy S7


Outdoor Low-light


Both capture great details, but the Galaxy S7 camera is slightly better as you see the 100% zoom-in comparison.



Winner: Samsung Galaxy S7


Rear-facing flash


Despite having the True Tone Flashlight, the image appears to be a bit yellow for the iPhone 7. Galaxy S7 shows more accurate colours.


Winner: Samsung Galaxy S7


As for auto-focus, Galaxy S7 is definitely winning with its dual-pixel focus. And for videos, iPhone has a better stabilizer but doesn’t have the stereo sound that Galaxy S7 can capture.


Overall Winner: Samsung Galaxy S7


Credits: SuperSaf TV – iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Test Comparison

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