Wireless – The Future of Chargers

A few years back, smartphone manufacturers started selling wireless chargers as add on gadgets for their devices. These chargers are like a charging stations, where the electromagnetic field is used to transfer energy; users only need to place their smartphones on the charger to recharge.



  • Protected connections: With the electronics being all enclosed, it’ll be away from water or oxygen in the atmosphere, so no corrosion, and less risk of electrical faults
  • Low infection risk: Avoids the infection risks associated with wires penetrating the skin for embedded medical devices
  • Durability: There’s no plug or unplug of the device, thus significantly less wear and tear
  • Increased convenience and aesthetic quality – No need for cables


Despite all the advantages listed above, wireless charging is not as popular as it was expected to be? Why so? The answer is simple – the technology and design are yet to meet users’ expectations.


  • Slower charging: Devices take longer to be fully charged
  • More expensive: The complexity and cost of manufacturing both the device and charge increase
  • Inconvenience: Current technology requires the device to be left on the charging station/pad, therefore users can’t move around or work on the device while charging.


In my point of view, the disadvantages of wireless charging will be eliminated as the development of technology in the field goes on. However, as people are used to the multi-port USB chargers, the conventional cable charging will not be obsoleted in the near future.

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