Gamer News : PlayStation4 × Persona 5

Japanese ads has always been known as quite out of the box. Sometimes, they even come with a brainwashing promotion songs. That is why for Japan lover, there are quite some memorable ads such as the McDonalds Spongebob toy ad and the Fanta school series a few years back.


The latest boom of these funny Japanese Ads is no other than the crossover promotion video by PlayStation4 and the Game Persona 5. It is trending in the Japanese social media and let’s see why.

As the newly upgraded PlayStation4 is more lightweight, cooler, quieter and uses less battery, its cost also drops, so the selling price also decreases by 5000 Japanese yen and only costs 29,980 Japanese yen. Using such discount as a motif, the ad shows Ichiyō Higuchi, the late Japanese author whose portrait was printed on the 5000 Japanese yen bank note, singing the song “29,980 Yen”, telling the audience that the company has heard their complaints of the previous high price and thus bringing the price down.


As it is a crossover ad with Persona 5, audience can see Ichiyō Higuchi travelling across ancient times, modern times and even 2D world, playing the piano, singing, dancing and even playing PS4 games, which adds even more funny elements.



How do you think about the ad? Tell us in the comments 🙂

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