Battle : Action Cameras

In recent years, Action Cameras have become more and more popular among youtubers and travellers. Unlike traditional camcorders, they are small, lightweight, wearable, mountable, portable, and sometimes waterproof; making them perfect for capturing adventures in high resolution. Simply mount them on your bicycles, your helmet, your drone, your pet, or whatever you want, then you can go and explore!


Action Cameras are always evolving, they are getting smaller, lighter, and even less expensive every day. Here are some recommendations for those who are interested but unsure of what to get:


Which brand should I go for?

There are Action Cameras from brands that manufactured other camcorders such as Sony, and also brands that focus on manufacturing Action Cameras like GoPro; many manufacturers are seeing the trend and trying to have a share of the market.


However, we can clearly see that GoPro is one of the more popular choices. Considering the frame rates, resolution, mounting and control, GoPro is undoubtedly very outstanding.


What models should I choose?

We have picked the latest 3 models of GoPro for comparison:


Hero4 Black Hero4 Silver Hero4 Session
 gp1  gp2.jpg  gp3.jpg
RRP USD$499.99 USD$399.99 USD$199.99
Dimensions 41x59x30 mm 41x59x30 mm 35x35x35 mm

(with housing)





Waterproof 131ft (40m)

(with extra housing)

131ft (40m)

(with extra housing)

33ft (10m)

(no extra housing)

Built-in LCD Touchscreen X O X
Field of View (FOV) Ultra wide



Ultra wide



Ultra wide


4K Video 30/25/24 fps 15/12.5 fps n/a

(max. 1920 x 1440

at 30/25 fps)

Slow-motion 120 fps (1080p/960p/720p)

240 fps (WVGA/720p)

120 fps (720p)

240 fps (WVGA)

120 fps (WVGA)
Wireless Wi-fi






Battery 1160mAh 1160mAh 1030mAh
Summary Pro-quality capture. Simply the best. High-performance capture. Touch-display convenience. GoPro, simplified.
TD comments: Professional Affordable yet near professional video quality Entry level




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