Explorer’s Log : Your Packing Check List

Have you ever forgotten something important at home when you are going on a trip? Even if you have made a check list before packing, somehow you will just forget these must-have items.


Here is a check list for you to go through before you head to the airport for your vacation:


Universal (international) Adaptors


Make sure to bring enough adaptors, and a SPARE one.

The problem is not that your do not have one, but rather you do not have enough because one of them won’t work properly for some reason.

Also, some adaptors have built in USB sockets, which saves you from bringing USB charger, though, there are not many adaptors with type-C USB sockets.


Chargers / cables

Similar to adaptors, bring a SPARE charger and relevant USB cables.

Nothing is worse than that your multi-deck charger go down unexpectedly during your trip and you have nothing to charge your phone and camera with.


Prescriptions & First-aid Supplies

Medical and first-aid supplies can help to make sure you won’t be down because of some minor sickness and injury.


Personal hygiene products, tooth paste and toothbrush

Not all accommodations provide bathroom products. Even if they do, they may not suit you. So bring your own travel size shampoo and shower gel, oral hygiene and skincare products.


Memory card with large memory / spare memory card


Sometimes we just click on the shutter again and again during our trip and we never realise how many pictures we have taken. To make sure you can shoot as you want, get a memory card that is large enough or get a spare one. Or if you are bringing along your notebook, save the images every night to clear space for memory.


Photocopy of your passport (and credit cards)

There may be chances that you lose your passports and wallets as thieves tend to target tourists at crowded attractions and transport depots. Make an extra copy of your passport before your trip, and keeping it in your suitcase or with your travelling companion may help you in case of unfortunate happenings.


Activate/Enable your Visa Card for overseas use

Many people love to use their credit cards when traveling internationally for the convenience, security, protection and generous cash back and travel rewards. However, some banks tend to suspend accounts when a customer’s credit card is used in an unusual location, this is to limit their losses from fraud. Therefore, it is very important for you to notify your bank of your time and destination of travel beforehand, so as to ensure you can use your card when abroad.


Extra hand-carry bag for carrying souvenirs



Let’s admit it, we all love last minute shopping. So when everything is packed and checked in, we have no place to carry our souvenirs and may have to carry multiple shopping bags. This is when an extra hand-carry comes in handy. Just stuff an extra back pack or travel bag at the corner of your suitcase will do the trick.


Sufficient socks and underwear


You never know if you are going to get dirty or soaked when there is an unexpected rainstorm or that you get all sweaty after a whole day playing in theme parks. Getting extra pair of socks and underwear will be a good idea, especially for those who do not intend to wash their garments during the trip.




Even if you have checked the weather forecast before leaving for the trip, there is still chances for sudden downpour or unexpectedly strong UV and heat. Bringing an umbrella can either keep you dry or keep you away for direct sunlight.


Portable Power Banks


A full charge every night may usually allow your phone to last a whole day, but not necessarily do for when you are travelling. This is because when you are at a place you are unfamiliar with, you tend to take many pictures and use your GPS a lot more, and these actions use up your phone battery at a much quicker pace than usual. So make sure to bring along your portable power bank for your phones.



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