Explorer’s Log : Camera Choice

You are scrolling down your wall on Facebook and it reminds you that a year ago, you visited Tokyo. It’s a photo of the summer festival, but you feel that the colours are just not as vivid and the details not as clear as the ones in your memory. You feel that you should get a camera for travelling, but don’t know which to choose.

First thing, you probably want to get one that is light weight, especially when you are joining tours. For if you want to take snapshots on the go, bringing a DSLR might be a bit too heavy and bulky, despite it gives the best photo quality.

Now that you know you know you want to get one of small size, you are to choose either a Compact Camera or a Mirrorless Camera, and here are some recommendations for you:


Which type should I use?

Compact Cameras

They have long been the traveling enthusiast’s lightweight companion. The new compact cameras larger sensors offer better image quality than ultra-compacts and still have a relatively useful zoom range. At the same time, they have more external controls than the typical old compact cameras, allowing you to change settings without diving into the menus.


Mirrorless Cameras

The quick autofocus and variety of shooting modes are the advantages they have with their high-speed CMOS sensors. Larger sensors result in better dynamic range and noise performance, too, making them the ideal choice for someone who wants the best of image quality. Also, there are a variety of lenses for more versatility. However, the oversized lenses which makes the originally light-weight camera bulky.

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